Pakistan moves to ban TikTok for allowing ‘immoral and indecent’ content

Pakistan moves to ban TikTok for allowing ‘immoral and indecent’ content


For the time being, TikTok may have narrowly avoided being banned in the US,
But it could not avoid Pakistan’s iron judgment,
Authority for Telecommunication. The PTA issued an order this morning,
Announcement that it is after numerous alerts to the viral video app
Prohibition of service before strengthened procedures of moderation against immorality
Indecent content and indecent content are introduced.

Pakistan moves to ban TikTok for allowing ‘immoral and indecent’ content


The press release, posted on the official Twitter account of the PTA,
It notes that a large number of complaints were received by TikTok against it,
“who object to the” immoral / indecent content “numbers on the
Yeah. Platform.



Apparently, the PTA gave a warning to TikTok about these issues.
Formerly. The group has now said that ByteDance’s TikTok parent company
Had “important time to respond and comply” with requests to implement them
Proactive moderation to tackle illegal material is a more successful means.
When a government body starts settling on a decision, it is always a little iffy.
What is moral and what is not, but I have to admit that there are some TikToks that are
Best left unnoticed, maybe. (Except this one that should be appreciated by everyone.)


Earlier this year, the nation briefly banned PUBG,
Backtracked later, however. The PTA statement states, for what it’s worth, that
It is still available to work with TikTok and will revisit its decision to work with TikTok.
If better mechanisms of moderation are placed in place, ban the app. It is, it’s
Exactly how or when the ban will take effect is uncertain, but Pakistani
Users should certainly make sure that they stay away from the APK Mirror listing for TikTok. 😉

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