How Do I Use The New Google Photos Editor

How Do I Use The New Google Photos Editor


How Do I Use The New Google Photos Editor

When the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5 G were introduced by Google, it did not only
It also introduced new Google Google 2 smartphones with amazing cameras,
Features for editing images. The enhancement of machine learning , AI, and
UI has helped owners to do more with light and portraits.
Once an image is captured, mode.


How Do I Use The New Google Photos Editor

In addition, they come with more granular
Manual controls and we will clarify how these features can be found in
The application for Google Images plus how to use them to enhance the
Photo quality you snap. See the answer to your question on How to Use the New Google Photos Editor:


How can I use the latest features of Google Images editing: manual controls?
Editing your images as soon as you receive the Google Photos app update,

(Whether you have just snapped them or when they have already been saved in your
Archive) would be faster than ever before. What you need to do is click on the
Picture that you want to edit and easy access to will be given to you
Modes of manual editing such as luminosity, contrast, saturation, tint, and
About warmth.


Clicking on each setting will reveal a slider that allows you to accurately make
To make your images stand out, the sort of granular edits of your choosing.
Comply with these instructions:

Open the application for Google Images.
Click on any photo.
Click the editing tool on the screen way down (it looks like 3 lines with slots in them).

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Via the various editing modes such as Crop, Change, and Filters, swipe sideways.
“Click on one of the modes to edit, such as” Change.
Brightness, Contrast, White Point, via the above controls,
Highlights, Shadows, Black Point, Warmth, Tint, Saturation, and so forth.
Credit for photos:
Credit for photos:

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Click on one of the modes for editing, such as Brightness.
To make changes, move the slider and click on ‘Done.’
To modify and repeat the operation, pick another mode.
Tap on “Save.”
How can I use the latest features of Google Images editing: the effects of portrait lighting?

Google Images can now be created with Google’s advanced AI and machine learning.
Admirable changes after a shot with lighting and portrait effects
Has been taken. As with other previously listed manual controls, portrait
In the editing menu, lighting will be easily accessible, with granular
Controls and movements for the slider that allow you to click on the picture and apply
Your subject has the proper background blur. Those characteristics would be
Useful regardless of whether you caught the image initially in the
Portrait mode or otherwise.


As you can see from the first 2 images above, you can automatically catch a
Google Photos will prompt you to know whether you are capturing selfies or videos,
I’d like to try Portrait mode. If you click that, you’re going to get some fast
Toggles to enhance or alter your portrait to a black and white picture
Or trigger a pop of color

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That’s it.

How Do I Use The New Google Photos Editor


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